Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 2 - DONE and DONE

Sorry for my blogging absence, it's been a very hectic week. As you already know, the American Legion team I am coaching started up, plus Thursday I had to chaperon the prom for the HS I teach at (shoot me), Friday I had a golf outing with 14 or so co-workers, Saturday was your tradition MDW BBQ as well as painting my soon to arrive niece's bed room, and yesterday was golf again as well as a trip up to Pearl River, NY to hang with the infamous Matthew Vickers. It's been a hectic life, and although I haven't had a chance to sit down and keep up with the daily blogs, I have been keeping up with the work outs.

My workouts this week were extremely tough. As I already said my life has been crazy busy, that leads to exhausting workouts with less stamina. With that being said, my reps have all increased from week 1, my legs and core are noticeably stronger, and my flexibility is coming around as well. I should be able to get back into a more normal routine this week, as I have Mon and Tues off for the Memorial Day.

I've kept up with the recovery drinks and protein shakes, although my diet this weekend has been shady at best. It's been a little more than cheating, but I guess the fact that the holiday weekend and the kick off of summer is usually a time for burgers, hot dogs, and beer - I'll use that as my excuse and move on from there.

Anyway - I'll be back later today to blog about my start of week 3 with Chest, Back, and Abs - as well as a picture for week 2 (I'll begin to post pictures after every week from this point on). The picture has been delayed to do technical difficulties with my electric buzzer. As I was buzzing my chest (all you hairy guys know how this is) I got all of the shaved, except for my left pec, and the buzzer died. So my entire stomach, chest area was buzzed cleanly, and then there was my left pec with a winter's worth of chest hair. It was pretty crazy, but not that I am trimmed and primped, I'll be posing for the frontal and back shots later tonight. Enjoy the rest of your weekend...



  1. sorry for the lack of proofreading, I rushed through it...