Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 9 - Plyo X

Long day today ladies and gents. First off, it was 95 degrees and our school doesn't have A/C, so literally I sweated like a Whore in Church for 7 hours. Smells like Teen Spirit. After school, had a 2+ hour baseball practice - so needless today I was physically shot today. So I did what any natural person would do - CAME HOME AND ATE 4 SLICES OF PIZZA.

Okay, I admit, I messed up the diet. However, I've been great on it to this point (Whole grain muffin for breakfast, panini for lunch with water and an apple, so I needed SOMETHING to keep my god damn sanity. On to the workout.

I cut the workout 1 set short tonight, based on the fact that I was pretty tired going in from baseball practice. Having said that (curb your enthusiasm reference), All my exercises were less painful. The improvements are rapidly coming like a.... nevermind I won't finish that analogy. I was able to finish the Mary Catherine's @ double time with Tony Horton and I was able to go all 30 seconds on the squat jacks, both things I wasn't able to do 1st time through. Washed the workout down with a recovery drink - and I'll finish up the night with a protein shake, a coffee no sugar of course, and maybe a taralle. Until Day 10 and Arm/Shoulders/Abs -



  1. having a cheat day is the most important part of the diet in my opinion. if you don' got fucking insane.

    keep it up brah.