Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 15 - Chest, Back, Ab Ripper X

Onward we move to the last week of Phase I of p90x. Attached with this post are my week 2 pictures, which will be of some help when comparing the upcoming weeks, unfortunately we don't have much to compare them to as I didn't take Day 1 pictures. I also attached a picture of my reps and their progress from week 1 to week 3.

Anyway - Today I ate decent, but not great. 2 Eggs with whole wheat toast and hash browns for breakfast, 2 cheeseburgers off the grill for lunch/dinner (no bun). As I get back into the working groove this week I'll be back to a more stringent diet of low carbs, low calories, high protein and low fat.

My chest workout was a great one today. My round 1 reps increased over last weeks, and I was able to maintain those reps throughout the workout in rounds 1 and 2 (see 205 reps round 1, 206 reps round 2). Abs are coming along slowly. I think when I eat like trash my abs are what gets hurt the most, as I am noticing the progress in my ab exercises is inching along slower than the rest of my body. Anyway, enjoy the pics and the rest of the Memorial Day weekend.


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