Monday, May 24, 2010


What can I say? Here I am, 15 months after from the original conception of the original round of P90X, and I am right back where I started. I would first like to just get my feelings, emotions, disappointments, out there of my non completion of round 1. I can make every excuse in the book - but last year I really just gave into my busy schedule and let all my progress go to trash after.

Anyway - I am recommitted, refocused, reenergized, and ready to go.

I am already 1 week into the workout, as it was this weekend that I received interest from original followers of the blog that they wanted me back in. So, what can I say, I am the quintessential crowd-pleaser, so here I am. 1 Main change that I will have this time around - pictures each day from my work out showing the dude sweat, phenomenal form, and sweet ass kickin' that this workout gives me. So without any further delay - let's talk about Day 8.

I woke up VERY late this morning, (had to be ready to leave for work in 13 minutes) - which of course I was able to conquer the clock. I shook up a nice protein shake for breakfast. For lunch I went with 2 slices of pizza (toned down my portion as I usually eat 4 or 5 slices). Dinner was Egg White Queesh (not sure how to spell it) and salad. Tonight I'll finish it off with another protein shake and a coffee no sugar.

The work out was great today (shoulders, back, ab ripper) My reps second time through were 15 for round 1 and 20 for round 2 , as opposed to 10 and 15 last week. This work out you really need to push yourself to get the best results. You can't stop when you want, you have to push yourself 5 reps past the point of being tired. I've seen improvement in abs too - as I am doing 12 reps of all as opposed to 10 reps in week 1. THE MAN'S MAKING CONTACT ELBOW THIGH!! I'm not at all happy with my core right now, but I know that if I keep busting my sexy hairy ass, that I'll get there.

Until tomorrow and Plyos (Lets gooooo) -



  1. how was your egg white queef dinner?

  2. lol queef...joe the pictures are definitely making this blog that much more fantastic. i'm going to see how many people at work i can show this to tomorrow.