Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 36 - Chest/Shoulders/Tris

Tell your mom, your sister, your ugly boyfriend or girlfriend - Let everyone know, because I know they all care: Chest/Tris/Shoulders makes me its bitch.

My shoulders just give out on multiple push up exercises. Slow motion push ups might be the most ridiculous thing in the word. Push up flies are assholes as well. Sorry for the profanity, but this workout legitately is my daddy - thats right Pedro, I said it - IT MAKES ME ITS DADDY.

Anyway - day 40's coming soon, gonna be compared with Day 20's so we can see some progress on our progress.

Diet sucked today - the italian teacher in my school sent down all food from their italian festival that they were having, and i obviously couldn't say no to manicotti, penne vodka, prosciutto, fresh mozz, bolognese, and canoli filling.

Oh well - just another day in the life of This Guy.

Also - Shout out to the Rascal Flatts - New CD is sick.

until tomorrow and Plyos


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