Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 34 - Kenpo X

Week 5 is complete.

Had a pretty good day today. Left around 10am to check out the new Yankee Stadium. The place is magnificent. It's a massive building, that somehow allows a view of the field pretty much no matter where you are in the stadium. There's literally 1000's of HD TVs all over the place showing the game. When you go to the bathroom, they play the game in the bathroom on the radio. Literally never miss a pitch. The monument were great, only thing was the line was unorganized, Kind of squeezing you through the bleacher section to get in.

Anyway - did my workout late tonight because of the game. Got a great sweat and can really notice my increased cardio. Phase I my heart rate during Kenpo was n the 150-160 range. Tonight It's highest point was maybe a max of 150 with a consistant rate of the 140s. My increased flexibility is showing too, my kicks are coming easier and going higher. Tomorrow will be a nice day off, and I'll be ready to rock back into week 6 on Monday. 1 week from today I'll be posting 40 day pics. Can't wait!

Until Monday -


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