Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 33 - Legs/Back/Ab Ripper X

I'm hurting today. I took a nap before I did my workout, which for me, is an awful move. I wasn't as jacked up for my workout as I usually should be, so the Legs/Back/Ab workout was rough. Also - the ab workout puts some strain on your legs, as it uses your legs as resistance for your stomach - so after wailing out on my legs, that just made the ab workout that much tougher.

With that being said - EVERY one of my leg exercises increased reps over the last time. I'm clearly getting stronger, my endurance is clearly getting better. In terms of the abs, I am still REALLY struggling with the V-Up Roll-Ups. I dont know if my form is wrong or what, but my stomach just gives out on the roll up, I dont knwo what it is.

Also ate decent today - Egg whites for breakfast, fish, salad, and soup for lunch, chicken and broccoli for dinner. Low carb, burned a lot of calories. I'm expecting big things for my 40 day picture since I'm off my recovery week.

Until tomorrow and Kenpo X


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