Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 37 - Plyometrics

Plyometrics is like a weekend with your college buddies - it never lets you down. No homo on that. Everytime the college boys get back together, it's always a great time. We'll be doing it this weekend, so thats the theme of my blog today.

As I said last week, plyos are getting easier, but that doesn't mean that I'm getting any less of a workout. I think I may have sweated more tonight than I have any other time. I'm able to go deeper into my squats, and finish out each exercise, instead of cutting some short. My "hot foot" AKA dot drill is way better. I was switching feet every 15 seconds, but tonight I went 30 and 30 as they do in the video - another example of my improvements.

Food was good today - whole wheat english muffin for breakfast (threw you a curve ball there huh?) Sandwich on whole wheat for lunch, and pepper steak for dinner - probably mix in a little snack tonight and that'll finish me off good, in a non dirty kinda way.

Until tomorrow and Whatever workout I'm doing because i haven't checked -


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 36 - Chest/Shoulders/Tris

Tell your mom, your sister, your ugly boyfriend or girlfriend - Let everyone know, because I know they all care: Chest/Tris/Shoulders makes me its bitch.

My shoulders just give out on multiple push up exercises. Slow motion push ups might be the most ridiculous thing in the word. Push up flies are assholes as well. Sorry for the profanity, but this workout legitately is my daddy - thats right Pedro, I said it - IT MAKES ME ITS DADDY.

Anyway - day 40's coming soon, gonna be compared with Day 20's so we can see some progress on our progress.

Diet sucked today - the italian teacher in my school sent down all food from their italian festival that they were having, and i obviously couldn't say no to manicotti, penne vodka, prosciutto, fresh mozz, bolognese, and canoli filling.

Oh well - just another day in the life of This Guy.

Also - Shout out to the Rascal Flatts - New CD is sick.

until tomorrow and Plyos


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 34 - Kenpo X

Week 5 is complete.

Had a pretty good day today. Left around 10am to check out the new Yankee Stadium. The place is magnificent. It's a massive building, that somehow allows a view of the field pretty much no matter where you are in the stadium. There's literally 1000's of HD TVs all over the place showing the game. When you go to the bathroom, they play the game in the bathroom on the radio. Literally never miss a pitch. The monument were great, only thing was the line was unorganized, Kind of squeezing you through the bleacher section to get in.

Anyway - did my workout late tonight because of the game. Got a great sweat and can really notice my increased cardio. Phase I my heart rate during Kenpo was n the 150-160 range. Tonight It's highest point was maybe a max of 150 with a consistant rate of the 140s. My increased flexibility is showing too, my kicks are coming easier and going higher. Tomorrow will be a nice day off, and I'll be ready to rock back into week 6 on Monday. 1 week from today I'll be posting 40 day pics. Can't wait!

Until Monday -


Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 33 - Legs/Back/Ab Ripper X

I'm hurting today. I took a nap before I did my workout, which for me, is an awful move. I wasn't as jacked up for my workout as I usually should be, so the Legs/Back/Ab workout was rough. Also - the ab workout puts some strain on your legs, as it uses your legs as resistance for your stomach - so after wailing out on my legs, that just made the ab workout that much tougher.

With that being said - EVERY one of my leg exercises increased reps over the last time. I'm clearly getting stronger, my endurance is clearly getting better. In terms of the abs, I am still REALLY struggling with the V-Up Roll-Ups. I dont know if my form is wrong or what, but my stomach just gives out on the roll up, I dont knwo what it is.

Also ate decent today - Egg whites for breakfast, fish, salad, and soup for lunch, chicken and broccoli for dinner. Low carb, burned a lot of calories. I'm expecting big things for my 40 day picture since I'm off my recovery week.

Until tomorrow and Kenpo X