Sunday, March 29, 2009

Days 27 - 29 Yoga, Rest, Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

Finished up the recovery week with a Yoga day - which I'm still not a fan of, but has definitely increased my flexibility. The moves and positions are getting easier everytime I do it, and I can feel the difference in my leg and core workouts.

I started Phase II on Sunday with a Chest/Shoulders/Triceps workout. It was not easy. As opposed to last week where the chest reps were mainly just different grips on push ups, these moves consist of push up with other movements involved.

Example - Some push ups are done in slow increments, some involving moving the grips side to side after every reps, some of the shoulder exercises involve a little bit of a "pouring" motion at the end of the rep to intensify it. It's obvious how these workouts change each phase and I'm looking forward to a tough Phase II.

Minio and Dana - I hope you faggots enjoy your laugh at work on Monday morning.

Until Tomorrow and Plyos -



  1. I finished up this workout last night and I was kinda disappointed with myself...till this morning. I am really sore. I still feel like I could have pushed harder, so it's more weight for me next week.

    Also, I started P90X @ 13.17% BF and I'm down to 12.17% now. Not a significant loss in 4 weeks, but still forward progress...

  2. Tell me this is not a great workout...

    Was I accurate in saying that it's a complete different workout, while still working those same muscles?

  3. Oh yeah... was this the one handed pushups workout? and the slide the cardboard pushup (which i wrapped wax paper around btw)? Such awesome chest isolation. I'm still feeling Monday's workout.