Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 6 - Kenpo X

Not too happy about the snow. Granted school was closed, but this only delays the baseball season, although it's going to be a good experience learning how to run a legit practice in a gym.

Anyway - I did the workout earlier today, giving my body more time to recover with tomorrow being my "rest" day (P90X is 6 days on, 1 day off). Breakfast was coffee no sugar, egg whites, 2 pieces of turkey bacon, 1 piece of low fat cheese on whole grain toast. I had lunch after my work out - 3 pieces of grilled chicken from last night.

Kenpo X was a phenomenal time. It's a serious of punches, kicks, blocks, combinations etc. all performed at a high intensity. I was able to keep up with all the people on the DVD, but I was DRENCHED by the end of the workout. I had 1 recovery drink (Volu Gro) during the workout and 1 after the workout. I'll keep everyone posted on how the recovery drink works for me. I actually did some research, and the Volu Gro that I bought is actually a better recovery drink than the one you can purchase through p90X.

Enjoy the snow day everyone.

Until Tomorrow -



  1. Kenpo X is a bangin' workout. I used to kickbox so this was a little easier than 90 minutes of hitting pads, but nonetheless was absolutely soaked after Kenpo. Felt like a million dollars. BRING IT


    Have you gotten to week 2 Plyometrics? I'm anxious to see how it goes second time through.

  3. I've done plyo twice; it's MUCH easier the second time around. I'm counting this as week two for me because I missed quite a bit when I started due to a ski vacation...

    A word of advice to people reading: don't put it off because you have something coming up on your calendar. Start and start now! Adding a few extra days isn't a big deal - 30 days per phase is a baseline.

  4. You can also add in a Cardio X workout too to catch up if you went off your diet or skipped a day.