Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 5 - Legs/Back/Ab Ripper X

Good day overall today. Made $50 doing baseball lessons, got a new Blackberry, topped off with a great workout.

I wasn't on my diet today as I would've liked, although to slip up a little one day a week isn't so bad. I had a banana and coffee no sugar for breakfast, I had Cluck U chicken for lunch (Thanks Vickers), but I finished strong with grilled chicken and salad for dinner.

I purchase a couple new supplements today:
#1 - VoluGro - It's more or less a mix you put in your water to drink during your workout. It has the electrolites found in gatorade, with 0g of sugar with added creatine.
#2 - L-Glutamine - This is a powder that gets mixed in with my protein shakes to increase the amino acids I'm putting into my body post-workouts.

I decided that anything worth doing, is worth doing right, so I'm all-in here, it's sick beach body or bust for this guy.

Today's workout was another screamer on the legs. That soreness is still there, whether it's from plyometrics or Yoga I'm not sure, but that made the workout all the more tough. I got an incredible sweat working, and finished about 40 oz. of water. Instead of using my pull up bar, I used high resistance cords. It allows me to increase my reps, and really focus on my form as well as allowing me to go slow and really squeeze those back muscles on every rep.

Calling for 8-14 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow, so I'm thinking I'll be looking to do my Kenpo X tomorrow just to keep me occupied.

Until tomorrow -


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