Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 23 - Kenpo X

Just finished up the Kenpo X work out and had a great revelation during the workout that I knew i had to put in the blog.

Yes we all can see by my pictures the physical difference that P90x has made to my body so far. However, tonight was the first time during this workout that I noticed my cardio has improved. I did Kenpo about 4 days ago as the last workout of week 3. Doing it today, I noticed that I had to push myself to get to my target heart rate (160) I didn't need all the breaks, and found myself continuing to do cardio activity during the breaks.

I have some trouble on the back kicks, probably due to my lack of flexibility, which is improving however, due to yoga. You really can see how each workout compliments the other. It's really great.

In terms of this blog - I've had many new people mention that they've check it out and have been pretty impressed. I appreciate that and hope that you keep reading and pass this on to your friends.

A buddy of mine that is doing this workout as well, Tom, you've seen him post, as offered to post my link on a beverage site of his, and I've gotten the idea from him to write about different workout aspects. Maybe band/weight alternatives, shakes, drinks, different workouts, etc. I'll probably do one every rest day, just have something to fill space. Anyway, check out Tom's site if you are interested in workout beverages. The Site is .

Until tomorrow and yoga x


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