Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 24 and 25- Stretch and Core Synergistics

To be honest - I started doing the stretch dvd - and really just had no desire to stretch for an hour.

i turned it off and did my own stretches, between the yoga and everything, i put my own twist on this and really had no positive feelings towards the stretch DVD.

Also this is the reason why I didn't post yesterday, so i'll be doubling up today

Core Synergistics on the other hand - that's another story

As I stated last post for this, LOVE LOVE LOVE this work out. Your core is constantly at work. I love the superman bananas and the bow to boat exercises, really narrowing in on my core.

I love the lung kick back curl presses, really and truly hits EVERY muscle, even though they're all shot by the time we do 20 reps. The different types of push ups are great too, gets your shoulder muscles burning, while forcing you to work and narrow in on your stomach and curls. Great workout

Diet was good - egg whites etc for breakfast, tuna fish for lunch, chicken and asparagus for dinner, no fat ice cream as a snack. Decent day, 30 day pics coming up soon, so we'll see how it goes.

Until tomorrow...


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