Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 22 - Core Synergistics

This 4th week is the last week in Phase 1 and it's what they call the "Recovery Week" not a lot of lifting and such, more core work. Abs, back, butt, thighs, etc.

This was my first time doing to core synergistic workout and I enjoyed it. It was very challenging and was fast paced. The hour went very quick and I was dripping sweat when I was done.

Breafast I had a bagel, probably against my diet, but my weekends I tend to spoil myself a little. Salad and whole wheat pasta for dinner, mix in a protein shake for a snack, and thats my diet for the day. I feel great, and am looking forward to the day 30 pictures after the phenomenal results of day 20

Until tomorrow -



  1. Holy sh1t this workout rocks. I'm taking my core workouts to the next level by using a fitness ball at work as my chair!

  2. hahaha for real?

    this work out is my favorite i think.