Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 18/19 - Yoga/Legs and Back

I apologize for falling behind on the posts. I am not, however, falling behind on my workouts.

Yoga yesterday was pretty solid. 90 Mins is a long time and probably too much time for me to do it to completion. I complete the first hour, and call it a night. The first hour is the toughest part anyway, so I'm still getting a great workout. What I have noticed though is that I am A LOT more flexible than I was when I started. I also think the yoga is making a huge difference in my leg and plyo workouts as well.

Tonight with Legs and Back - Honestly what I think is the hardest workout, went great. My reps all increased from last week, and I finished with my shirt dripping wet. My diet was good - egg whits etc. for breakfast, salad with water and an apple for lunch, two veggie burgers for dinner. I'm pumped for kenpo x tomorrow, and day 20's picture the next day.

Until tomorrow and kenpo x



  1. Yoga belly 7 burns like hell and you missed all the goodness! I made a point to get through the entire yoga set last night -- it was totally worth it. Give it a shot...your recovery week is coming up so you'll have two more chances real soon :-P

  2. Yea I'm going to try to give myself time to do it - if it falls on the weekend thats golden.

    My day 20 pics will have noticeable results.