Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 17 - Arms/Shoulders/Ab Ripper X

Another long day. School until 3. Scrimmage from 4-7. Got home and was beat sauce. Breakfast was the usual egg white sandwich. Lunch was a sandwich on whole wheat with water, wet pears and an apple. No snacks, which I need to start including. Dinner was whole wheat pizza. I know I'm probably eating too many carbs, but to be honest, I dont have the time to go completely carb free, but at least I'm going whole wheat, not white. So I'm still ok.

Work out today was good, although I broke another of my bands. I'm considering doing my arm/shoulders workout at the gym, because I can't keep spending 20 bucks on new bands everytime they break. Anyway, I really squeezed out all my reps today, especially my dips.
Ab Ripper X is tough as usual, but I'm slowly but surely seeing results there, doing 17 reps each this week (I started at 15).

Day 20 Pics Coming soon...

Until tomorrow and Yoga...


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