Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 16 - Plyometrics

Rough one today. It's Sunday, I was out having a few drinks last night for my boy Mikey's birthday, so needless to say tough workout - especially since it was plyos.

I got a great sweat working, shirt was soaked, legs were burning, great workout overall. The main thing I took from the workout today was that my heart rate was really up there. In the 155-165 range for about 45 minutes. Crazy sick workout.

Breakfast was egg whites, turkey bacon, no fat cheese - 2 recovery drinks, 1 during and 1 after the workout. Dinner's going to be salad and whole wheat macaroni. I'll mix in a protein shake later tonight, with another low fat low carb snack, that'll round off my day.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone..

Until tomorrow and Arms/Shoulders/Ab Ripper...


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