Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 15 - Chest/Back/Ab Ripper X

My apologies for skipping out on the Kenpo X workout. Went down hard with a sinus infection (which I've been battling all this week) and it finally knocked me out. Came at a good time too, being that 1 of the 2 days I missed was a rest day. So I really only missed the Kenpo workout. I'm still familiarizing myself to the program, so I'm guessing that a day off for illness is ok.

Anyway - weight check this morning. I started the program 2 weeks ago weighing 219. I weighed myself today (after breakfast and 2 recovery drinks) and I'm down 10 lbs to 209. I'm still about 15 lbs away from my target weight, but I'm off to a great start.

This is now week 3, the last week of this current workout phase. My performance has been increasing through the roof. They tell you write things down and here's the reason. Week 1 Total Reps for my Chest/Back work out --> 281 Reps. Week 3 Total Reps --> 352. The numbers speak for themselves. I've added 71 repititions to my work out in 2 weeks. That's results my friends.

Key Advice here to fellow users - I've set up an Excel Spreadsheet to record my reps. Each tab on the bottom is for the different workouts. Instead of keeping pen and paper, I just run to my lap top between sets and type in the number. Plus it's an easy way to look back to my reps from last week and push myself to increase them by a few.

Results are coming - More reps and down 10 Lbs. I'm thinking the Day 20 pic should be interesting...

Until Tomorrow and PLYOS



  1. This is good Joe! I haven't noticed any changes in my weight, but my body fat caliper is pinching less fat! I'm going to pour it on this week and really push myself... I think we'll start the recovery week around the same time.

  2. awesome - as long as you are cutting the fat, that's number 1. I was just a fat ass that had weight to lose lol.

    My recovery week (week 4) starts Saturday. Stay on it Tommy.