Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 12 - Legs/Back/Ab Ripper X

Another long day. Still fighting a cold, I think I need 1 night's sleep of like 12 hours, weekend's coming so I should be ok soon. School all day, then back home for a power nap, then to night class to hand in my final exam for phase II. Then back home for the workout.

The leg exercises make up 2/3 of the workout, and it feels like it. I was pretty solid in doing most of the reps. The wall sits (2 and 1 legged) are a STRUGGLE. Once I get tired I shake so much my wall rumbles LOL. But I plow through, take a few seconds break, and get back at it.
With the back - since you do back twice a week, I used the pull up bar Day 1 and the bands Day 2. With the bands, I really focused on squeezing each rep. I feel great though, no soreness, just flat out getting it done.

Diet was overall ok today. Egg Whites/Turkey Bacon for B-Fast, sandwich on whole wheat with vegetable soup and fruit, dinner happened at my night class, which consisted of all fattening food. I ate salad, fruit, 1 piece of grilled chicken, and I slid with 1 piece of fried chicken (took most of the skin off)

Tomorrow is Kenpo X - Excited for a great cardio workout

Until Tomorrow


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