Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 10 - Arms/Shoulders/Ab Ripper X

Well I'm back after a few days off for my birthday weekend. To be honest, I do not feel good about myself for missing a few days, but you know what, this was just another way to show that I have the mental ability to continue on with this. I could've easily just packed it in. I feel like shit today, I'm tired, I haven't done it in a while, but I was able to put in a legit workout and get back on schedule.

I'm finding arms to be a little easy for me with the band. I usually curl a lot of weight, so I'm not sure if the bands are good enough for me. I try to give as much resistance has possible while squeezing every rep, so we'll see how things go. My Abs are definitely improving. The only ab exercise that I am SEVERELY struggling with is V-Up Roll-Ups. You're flat on your back, legs are straight out and slightly spread. Arms are straight up in the arm. You sit up with your hands in the air and touch you toes. As you roll back, you lift up your feet into the are, and do a crunch to your toes again. It's very tough so I am trying to work my way up there.

Diet was ok - I'm not feeling well so my appetite was awful. All I ate today was my egg whites and cheese sandiwch for breakfast and a bowl of chili for dinner.

Until tomorrow and Yoga and 10 Day Pictures!


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