Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Creation of the Blog

"Dozens of people are waiting for the game!"

That quote from A League of Their Own will best describe this blog regarding my P90X workouts, which I've created for 2 reasons. #1 - I've had several friends ask for my experience, my results, my opinions, etc. on the P90X workout. #2 - Creating this blog will give me 1 more reason to stay on my workouts daily, knowing that I will be expected to blog about them. It will be easier for me to keep the people who are interested updated at their convenience.

Anyway - I will be posting on here daily, describing which workout I did, how I felt during it, what I liked, disliked, and had trouble with. I'll also include some stuff about my diet, because it just as important as the workouts themselves. I'd also like to include my progress through pictures every 10 days or so.

I ordered the workout from the BeachBody website and am just waiting for it to arrive. Once it does, I will commence my 90 days of Hell as well as my blogging.

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