Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 3 - Arms/Shoulders/Ab Ripper X

I don't feel as miserable as I thought I would following yesterday's Plyometric workout. Don't get me wrong, my legs are sore, but I was definitely able to function today. Had a pretty easy day in school, which was nice for a friday.

Started the day off with a protein shake for breakfast. My morning snack was 30 Pistacchios, followed by a lunch of fish, salad, and soup. I followed that up with an afternoon snack of baked almonds - and soon to be some steamed chicken and vegetable chinese food.

As for the work out - It was a good workout, however my band wasn't strong enough. Arms and shoulders are probably my best and most efficient muscles. I've always had to "up the anti" per se with those groups, so I was ready to take this on with a full head of steam. I got a great workout, but it wasnt maximized due to my bands. Suggestion for the newbies - BUY SEVERAL BANDS OF DIFFERENT RESISTANCE. You may need to switch bands with exercises, and also, these things break. Mine snapped towards the end of my workout and I had to finish with dry reps.

Ab Ripper X is still insane. It was my second time through it, and instead of doing 25 reps with the freaks on DVD, I did 15 and got an enormous burn.

Theme of the Night - Find the right weight, make sure your form is correct, your last 3 reps should burn.

Until tomorrow -


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