Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 1 - Chest/Back/Ab Ripper X

Finally. After nine days of anticapting the arrival of P90X - IT CAME. (that's what she said.)

The P90X workout is a series of at home workouts, each about an hour, that thrives on muscle confusion. Those of you that workout know that after about 3-4 weeks, you start to plateau. When you hit that point with p90x, the workouts change, avoiding any type of plateau, giving you better results. The 12 workouts include:

1.Chest and Back


3. Shoulders and Arms

4. Yoga X

5. Legs and Back

6. Kenpo X (Karate/Martial Arts type cardio workout)

7. X Stretch

8.Core Synergistics

9. Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

10. Back and Biceps

11. Cardio X

12. Ab Ripper X

You need an at home pull up bar, cords or free weights, and push up blocks. Before my DVDs came, I began doing some workouts on my own, to get myself semi-ready for the road ahead. I also began following a low carb/high protein diet that the workout calls for. What you have to understand is that following the diet is just as if not more important than the workouts. If you want maximum results, you have to follow the diet.

For breakfast, I started the day with an egg white sandwich on whole wheat with turkey bacon. To be honest, it tastes just like eggs and real bacon. So this healthy alternative is actually enjoyable. I also had a banana and a coffee with no sugar (which is an acquired taste.) Lunch was a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with a fresh fruit cup and water. I had night class tonight, so I threw in a coffee no sugar and another banana as a snack.

Once I got home, I immediately popped in the DVD and went to work. The work out was INSANE. The chest back workout was a serious a push pull exercises, mainly pull ups and push ups. It's an hour long work out, with a few water breaks (just a few quick seconds). In terms of chest and back, I wasn't as weak as I anticipated, although I'm sure I'll feel the affects tomorrow.

I took a break and had dinner (baked grouper with corn) and a Protein shake (3 strawberries, 1/2 banana, 6 ice cubes, 1 cup of fat free milk, 1 protein scoup, all blended up). I then went into ab ripper x which was an awakening. Its a 349 rep workout packed into 15 minutes. Needless to say, abs/core is my weakest point right now. The natural reaction is shy away from that, but mentally you need to really hone in on it and not back away.

I've posted along with this my "Before" pictures. I'm not that bad, but I'm also not that good. You'll be able to notice that my core is DEFINITELY my weakest link by noticing my lucious love handles. I'll be posting pictures every week to monitor my progress. The posts will get shorter as the program goes on, but now that I'm just introducing it, I went into more detail. Until tomorrow. Out.


  1. Have fun getting down stairs after plyo today :-P

  2. Joseph,

    good to see you. i wish you well on your endeavor and will be a religious follower of your blog. I have a blog as well with a slightly higher following, i will blog about your endeavor and put a link to your blog there. I wish you success.


  3. This workout absolutely destroyed me today. Was pumped all day for it...yet still there were some exercises in round two that I just fell to the floor and earned a fat zero on reps. Not sure if it's from the real low carb diet or what...